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Goodbye for Now

Well, it's come to this, I suppose. Alex and I have decided because motivation is gone and progress is beyond slow, that TrickWater Arts should be liquidated and its IPs released into the world. Should you want a gander at our source code for our previous projects, feel free to visit our GitHub page where we kept the sources.

Welcome Back!

Well, our "break" is almost over! (Technically, we never went on a break, but two months of nothing is a break in my book) We're coming back, hyped-up as ever, working hard on our next game venture whilst poor little Project Minotaur sits on the back-burner (frozen to the flowing of time). This one's a little less ambitious, and progress has been steady (following and preceding that two month break, that is). Alex and I have been working on making the game with a different goal in mind than our previous two projects. This one is going to be very open to customization. Not only customization, however, but also to sharing said customization with your friends, foes, and who-have-you's!

Create and share levels for this challenging and addicting platformer; Creating and sharing levels is great, but using the intuitive editor (custom made; and TrickWater Arts approved) to make levels is a breeze and a pleasure. That may seem great, but the best part is that we plan to release this game for free! Well, the base-game for free (including base levels designed by Alex). The "full version" of the game will include the level editor and the ability to import levels, which the free version lacks.

We hope this little progress update makes up (to the approx. 0 people who look at this website) for our two month absence and dropping of support for Project Minotaur (which was my little baby), and we hope you keep up to date with our progress on Project Duarf!

Project Minotaur Temporarily On Hold

I know many of you (hehe, "many") probably don't know what we actually do at TrickWater, which is fine, because we're about to switch it up again. Basically, Project Minotaur has been our little baby for 8 months or so now (since September), and I feel its time we bid it a temporary farewell. We'll leave the links up for the download to the pre-alpha testing release, but we won't be working on it for a few months, at the least.

What happened?

Working on the game began to yield little to no results, and I finally came to the conclusion that I was burnt out after spending a 10 hour work day doing nothing to but constant stuff for Project Minotaur, and had I told no one, the changes would have been completely unnoticed.

All in all, I love this game, and hate to see development halted, but what's best is what's best. I think it's time we move on for a little bit, until we have the stamina to revive Project Minotaur and bring to it new techniques and ideas.

Project Minotaur Demo Released

On the Project Minotaur download page, you can now find a pre-alpha release of Project Minotaur, available now!

The inventory has been disabled in this little demo, and so has loading, but you can still check out the maze algorithm and what the finished mazes are likely going to look like.

Main Menu

This is a screenshot of the main menu, in the background, you can see a fly-through of a smaller maze generated when the game loaded.

View from In the Maze

This is what the maze looks like in-game. You can see the (demo) fist to the right, and the debug information up in the top-right corner.

View from Flight

You can see in this image what the maze looks like when flying (flying can be enabled by pressing the 'F' key on your keyboard).

Discord Public

Our Discord is now public! Feel free to join with this link:

When you log in and have joined, you'll be acquainted with a list of very simple rules, so please follow them.

Patreon Public

Well, It's about that time, I reckon. All this time, we've just been working silently; well, fear no longer, we're going to make our Patreon public! With this release, we'll also publish a little test/demo of Project Minotaur. It won't be much, as I'm thinking that you'll just be able to walk around a bit in the maze, maybe fly, and possibly edit some graphics options (only if you're lucky!). The actual game already has an inventory system and weapons, but I think that for the demo release, these are largely unnecessary.

Project Minotaur

It's a game, we've got that much figured out. To put it into simple terms, it's a maze exploration games where your goal is to reach the center of the maze to battle the final boss. Along the way, you can pick up weapons and will have to defend yourself from other enemies scattered throughout the large maze.

The game is set in the open air, but the 150 meter tall walls on the sides forbid any exit attempts in that manner. The maze has actually been carved into the ground, which explains the thick, bulky, and rough nature of the walls.

The actual algorithm to generate the maze is called Eller's Algorithm, written in C#.

More information will come later, such as specific mechanics and more.


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